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Why Buy From A Liquidator Over A Big Box Store

Posted by Stover's Liquidation on May 5th 2023

We admit it. We are unabashedly Liquidators. So why shop with a Liquidator versus a more traditional Big Box Store? Below are 5 reasons. Enjoy! 

1.Lower Prices: Liquidators typically purchase merchandise in bulk at discounted prices from companies that are going out of business or have excess inventory. This allows them to sell the products at a lower price than traditional retailers.

2.Unique Products: Liquidators often sell discontinued or overstocked items that may not be available elsewhere. This means you may be able to find unique items that are no longer produced or sold in stores.

3. Large Quantities: Because liquidators buy in bulk, they often have large quantities of the same product available. This can be beneficial for businesses or individuals who need a large amount of a specific item.

4. Sustainable Shopping: By purchasing from a liquidator, you are helping to reduce waste by giving products a second chance at finding a new home instead of being thrown away.

5. Bargain Hunting: Shopping at a liquidation store can be a fun and exciting experience, as you never know what you might find. It can be a great way to hunt for bargains and unique items.